Help your student get ahead or catch up in his studies! Tutoring for any of our curricula is proudly offered to our enrolled families. For students enrolled in a Parent-teacher Led Program, Distinctive Service Program, or Elite Service Program. Even with our Elite Service program, some students may occasionally have trouble with a concept area that cannot be resolved with our messaging system or email. Tutoring sessions normally provide telephone interaction.

Sessions with qualified academic advisers, set by appointment, will offer your student undivided attention for up to 30 minutes per session. This assistance helps students grasp difficult or advanced concepts.

Specific concept explanations
Sessions set by appointment (one session per day maximum)
Flexible packages (one session, three sessions, and eight sessions available)
Support for any of SEA’s curricula
Assistance via phone per appointment, M-F, 8:30 am – 4:00 pm, Pacific Time
Your student will gain a network of qualified academic advisers to provide solutions. Expert academic advisers, dedicated to helping your student successfully reach his goals, will ensure personalized attention. Order Tutoring and inspire confidence in your student today.

Ordering: Our 30 minute sessions can be purchased individually, 3 or 8 session packages. Please use our Contact Us page or call us at 276-496-7777 ext. 221 to order.