Free Trial 3rd-8th Grades

Accredited Homeschool Program

Try our 3rd-8th grade online school for free to make sure an online school is for you!

Family values and a Christian worldview. We will assign daily curriculum designed for your student’s grade level. The investment of your time right now with this free offer will help you know if an online school might be a good option before enrolling for an entire year! 90% of assignments are automatically scored for the parent. You should try to use it long enough to get past the simple orientation of how it works to get an idea of how it will work for the school year. Usually after the first 1-2 days, you will be at a place to see whether your student works well independently, plus so you as the parent know what involvement is required. Normally the student will be more independent the longer it is used.

Most parents don’t really know how well it work for their situation until after they have committed for a year. Here’s your chance to find out! Southeast Academy offers a way for you to make sure online schooling is right for your family! 

This free access does not require a credit card, nor will Southeast Academy sell or give any information to a third party. Even if you only use it for a couple days, your account will provide enough curriculum in four core subjects to work up to three weeks! 

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