Diagnostic Tools

Diagnostic Tools for 3rd-12th and PreK-1st grade!

Free Math and Language Arts Diagnostic Testing for 3rd-12th:  Southeast Academy’s team of experienced educators will carefully evaluate each student through administration of professional diagnostic testing. As a doctor must diagnose a patient’s physical needs before prescribing proper treatment, likewise a student’s academic needs must be diagnosed before the appropriate curriculum can be prescribed. Professional diagnostic testing will determine your student’s skill level and concept mastery in Language Arts and Math.  If specific weaknesses are evident from the testing, the learning gaps can be identified and remediated to strengthen the student. Proper placement in a curriculum will put your student on the road to academic success.  To gain access to the free 3rd-12th grades web-based diagnostic tests for math and language arts, simply complete and submit the form below.  You will be emailed a link and information for testing. 

Free Printable Screening Exams for Pre-K, Kindergarten Readiness, Reading Exit:  Young students should be evaluated for ability and/or concept mastery before placement in a program prematurely, especially a learning to read program (Reading Readiness Evaluation Test).  Double checking a student’s post learning to read ability is also valuable to find any weaknesses (Readiness Exit Exam).   The Pre K4 and Pre K5 Screening Forms are also great for children being considered for formal Preschool programs.  To gain access to the printable tools for younger students, fill out form below and check the Screening Exams box (you may skip the username and password fields if you do not have any 3rd grade and above students. 

Just as a medical checkup detects physical illness, a timely academic checkup can also diagnose weakness in your child’s education.

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