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Accredited Homeschool Program Prek-12th Grade

Accredited Homeschool Enrollment Overview

Enroll now for 2022-2023!

First, look at our By Grade section for program features and tuition options that fit your specific needs.

Second, complete the brief registration form under Admissions. A Southeast Academy academic counselor will contact you to develop the best customized educational plan for your student.

Third, pay the family registration fee of $125 once you complete the registration form. Currently $25 off! The registration fee covers all students in a family if registering at the same time. The registration fee covers academic placement, academic records creation, transfer, repair, and ongoing office tasks throughout the year for all students in a family. The family registration fee is separate from the tuition fee that is typically due before the student start date for school work.

You will receive a Financial Enrollment Agreement via email during the enrollment process. It will confirm your tuition schedule based on your registration information. 

Fourth, make your first tuition payment before the first day of school work. If there is a need, you can request a verification of enrollment letter via our Contact page once you pay the family registration fee and first tuition payment.

Reasons why you should proceed with our accredited homeschool:

Southeast Academy offers an accredited homeschool program using a proven structure with experienced support! Best value for level of accreditation and services provided! Most importantly, we have been assisting parents for over 38 years! Our accredited homeschool program offers everything from Learning to Read Kindergarten to a High School program that offers teacher support when needed. Southeast Academy fosters school spirit, because there is an affiliation with a school with real teachers that have an interest in their achievements. Read some of our parents’ feedback to see why thousands of parents have chose Southeast Academy!

Diagnostic testing is provided when needed upon enrollment, so a customized educational plan can be created. All program options offer a character-building Christian worldview. The online curriculum has digital tutors and over 50,000 multimedia features. Annual, semester, quarterly, or monthly payment options as low as $135 per month. Records management, plus we take care of the transfer of records from your previous school. Students can complete achievement through our school at home!

Structure for Different Needs:

High school includes our Elite Program with the teacher support. Student and family needs vary during 3rd-8th grade. There are four different programs for 3rd-8th grades to fit your needs! Southeast Academy has the program to fit your situation and budget. Online and combination curriculum options are important for grade levels where students vary in readiness for online curriculum. Younger students can easily and slowly transition to online curriculum at the time you feel is right. Some will use our combination of booklet and online, then transition to the benefits of all online. Once using only online, parents can choose what level of teacher support.

For parents with limited time, SEA offers an Elite Service program with teacher on call and teacher grading for 3rd-12th grades that includes ongoing concept help via the built-in message center and email. This saves parents time, so they can mainly focus on encouragement and incentives.

All 1st-12th grade programs also offer two different school year options! We offer a 10 month structure or a 12 month structure. Traditional: The 10 month structure is called “Traditional” and follows a typical 180 day school year completed in less than 10 months. If a student does not finish by the end of the 10 month Traditional year, there is a $275 summer school fee. Year Round: The 12 month structure is called “Year Round” and allows the student to complete work over a 12 month period. The Year Round option offers more flexibility for when breaks or vacations are taken. The Year Round option can help a parent that is working part-time that needs a shorter school week. The same amount of school work as Traditional is required with Year Round. You will be asked if Traditional or Year Round on the registration form. The Year Round option is slightly higher to cover year round support.

Accredited Homeschool:

Full accreditation for all grades with the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), which is recognized by state departments of education. Many schools are not regionally accredited for all grades or program options. Southeast Academy is!

Many Additional Benefits:

Our accredited homeschool provides a high school diploma from Southeast Academy. We offer a high school Honors Program. A school identification number is provided, so students will have it available for taking college entrance exams, applying for financial aid, and college applications. Assistance with G.P.A. verification for student discounts for auto insurance. Telephone consultations for procedural and record-keeping questions. With over 38 years of experience working with families, we have the features you need! Southeast Academy monitors each student’s progress and provides a support system that is unmatched. Mentioned as an example on‘s “Ten points to review before choosing a homeschool program”   

Review the appropriate “By Grade” page for your needs!

Accredited Homeschool Prek-12th Grade